Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The New World Order

Something is happening in our country that is different and yet so eerily familiar. Anyone who has lived through communism and other totalitarian regimes will probably understand why I'm saying this.

I look around and I'm wondering if it's already too late........

In his latest movie, Alex Jones explains in great detail the very real possibility of the end of our Republic. It has been censored by at least one social site, so please pass it on, for the future of our children and for this great land-America!

Alex Jones, radio personality from Austin, TX, who is famous for his movie the Obama Deception has released a new movie titled "Fall of the Republic." This is a hard hitting look at the Presidency of Barack Obama and the global elites plan to take over the world under the New World Order.

"Fall of the Republic"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Freedom For Cuba

Over 50 years, after the communist revolution, that swept away the dreams of millions, Cuba longs for freedom and justice for the dead. We ask all democratic countries for solidarity with the Cuban people and demand respect for human rights.

When a head of state of emissary of a democratic government visits Cuba, they legitimize the communist regime. I say democratic, because of the rest only meritocracy can be expected.

There is no reason for the Castro brothers to continue to hold power, without having paid for the crimes against humanity throughout their reign of terror.

We Demand:


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dr. Darsi Ferrer on Hunger Strike

Darsi began a hunger strike today, 13 October 2009, in protest against the arbitrariness of the Cuban government, which has unjustly imprisoned breaking your own laws in the country.

He is accused of abetting the alleged crime of which by its nature falls into the category of summary criminal proceedings, which is equivalent to that should have held the trial in less than 20 days after being charged, given the low hazard of crime and the low level of personal items occupied.

Three months ago that the prosecution was applied as a precautionary measure custody, regardless of the criminal procedure law provides that pretrial detention is only applicable when the offense is alarmed, has high incidence in the territory, or there is suspicion that the defendant intended to evade justice. None of these conditions are satisfied in the case of Darsi.

The defense lawyer urged a change of contract measure Darsi from the 16th of September 2009 and has received no response to date, however, the criminal procedure law clearly specifies that the prosecution has an obligation to respond to proposals measuring changes in a period of 5 days.

The Criminal Procedure Law provides that the pretrial phase of the case of the accused is done in the shortest possible time, and determines a maximum term limit of 60 days for delivery to the Court, extended only in cases very well justified. After 78 days the record still keep him in training Darsi although there is nothing to investigate and it is unknown when they returned to Court for ending of prosecution, which has no justification.

Moreover, his treatment in prison Darsi is discriminatory, which worsened after the newspaper El Nuevo Herald, published its report "Inside the Valle Grande prison, which puts their safety at greater risk within the prison, as the repressive apparatus of state security rather than punish the officials and guards reported for committing serious crimes in jail, to harass control prisoners they relate to Darsi or simply be approached. They have already punished for that reason inmates Eliecer Fuentes, Alejandro Gainza, Delfin Gonzalez and Tamayo Quiala, others are being investigated or have been harassed. Darsi specifically to force him to live in crowded quarters with common prisoners and prisoners to talk with him punished.

When he was arrested, police intervened in the house of an alleged complaint of construction materials illegal precedence. We seized on the false registration, 2 bags of cement, some iron strips and planks torn from the wall and took 2 windows of the hallway inside the house. What is not understood is why did not care about the bag of cement and sand and stone dust we have in since a year ago to public view? Why only 2 windows ripped out and left the other 4 and the door of the house, if all are equal?

The government's intention is very clear, keep Darsi in jail for political reasons, without any concern for the slightest regard for their own laws.

Authorities blamed the government of Cuba for what happen to my husband, Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramírez, and I ask the international community to help us and demand that once you finish the injustice and arbitrariness that he is suffering .

Greetings and God bless.

Yusnaimy Jorge soca.Activista for Human Rights.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ex President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya During his Era as a Guerrilla

Manuel Zelaya, the ousted ex president of Honduras never thought this picture would ever come back to hunt him.

This is the man, the UN, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and of course Europe are defending?

Zelaya who has ties to Vice Precident of Bolivia, Alvaro Garcia Linera, a communist and former guerrilla who helped organized and worked in the communist guerrilla Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army. After being caught destroying electrical distribution towers in rural La Paz, he was arrested and charged with insurrection and terrorism.

Judging by the element that reaches positions of power in Latin America is no wonder they are so impoverished and headed for communism.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Numerous Epidemics in Cuba

If all the tourists who are so happy to visit Cuba, had knowledge of the lack of higene Cubans have to live with, they would run, because in Cuba, the soap is no where to be found and the water is disgusting. The Cuban government goes out of it's way to hide it, but Cuba is riddled with epidemics, of Swine Flu, Dengue, Conjunctivitis, and tuberculosis-even leprosy has made a comeback, Leprosy in Cuba.

On her blog Generation Y Yoani writes..... "as the television announcers call on us to strengthen our hygiene before the advance of H1N1. The alert occasioned by the epidemic, however, has not caused the shops to lower the price of cleaning products, not even the cost of simple soap which is the equivalent of the wages for a full day’s work. Instead, the opposite has happened. The collapse in imports has been most notable in those that are used to bathe and disinfect.".

Cuban Hospitals are full to capacity, but doctors are scarce, yet Cuban doctors are raining in
Venezuela, where they have been sent. More doctors, probably will make no difference-with or without doctors, there is no medicine.

Independent Journalist
Carlos Ríos Otero writes.....

" It's alarming, the population of rats, carriers of leptospirosis. In several municipalities plagues of lice have been identified in Elementary and High School level. Homeless dogs wonder the streets." Article in it's entirety, ZOZOBRA EN LA POTENCIA MÉDICA

Cuba faces the Swine Flu pandemic without vaccines. In a normal country, with good nutrition, would make the people more equipped
to survive the disease, but as Otero reports......

Cubans diet is deficient and absent of red meats. The government blatantly lies when it affirms that it guarantees 2700 kilo calories/per cápita".

It is usual to see fecal matter running down the streets of Havana. Otero writes......

"70 % of the pipelines for drinking water is deteriorated. The sewer lines are clogged. The sewer waters are spread throughout the city of Havana and invade the drinking water".

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