Sunday, March 8, 2009

Like Cows to the Slaughter House

Yoani Sanchez, the blogger from Generation Y is accused of counterrevolution, for daring to have a meeting with a group of Cuban youth, where she talks about the possibility of helping them express themselves through a blog. This is very typical of the Castro Regime. They are so afraid of ideas and they can't stand for anyone to think different.

From the government, I always expect the worse, but when I hear people like the three in the video talk the way they do, it makes my blood boil, because this is precisely what has been happening in Cuba for over fifty years. They are nothing more then snitches!

Every time someone tries to make changes and ends up in jail for trying, he or she is left alone! It is my understanding that the majority of people in Cuba ignore the identity of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet. A man is rotting in prison, he is sacrificing his life, his youth and his family for defying the regime and asking for basic human right for unborn babies, and no one there knows his story.

Perhaps some of you may ask-well what's wrong with being labeled an Counterrevolutionary? Well a lot, because that word has cost the lives of thousands of Cubans.

The problem in Cuba is a never ending vicious cycle, but it has a solution. The answer is with the ones that left and today keep the dictatorship in power, with the financial help they give their families in Cuba. At this rate, it's never going to fall-and those three that today try to bury Yoani Sanchez, in a few years might also be supported by someone abroad or perhaps will move to Miami and pretend they are maggots (name given by the Castro Regime to the anticommunists). Meanwhile they will continue to obey their master, like cows on their way to the slaughter house.

Yoani puts herself in danger and this is how they repay her. I wish I could post a video with English subtitles. Basically these tree are throwing her under the bus and saying they are not interested in having access to the internet and that she was inciting them to write about the reality of Cuba, that no one is allowed to express in the only newspaper allowed-The Granma. These are University students and through they are trying to sound smart, they actually sound stupid.

There is a part where the female says that Yoani Sanchez was telling them that in the blog they can express their true feelings, as if there were anything wrong with that. They also said that they were appalled that a church building had been used for such meeting-and that's a joke, because many priests have lost their life in Cuba, at the hands of the Castro Regime and communists have never shown respect for any church and most of the dead at the hands of the communist throughout the world have been Christians. The number is at about 100 million.........