Thursday, February 20, 2014

Venezuela, Your Fight Is Our Fight! It's Now Or Never!

My sincere respect for the people of Venezuela, because your struggle is also the struggle of every freedom loving human being. Fight so your homeland can once again shine!

In the name of free Cubans all over the world I apologize to the Venezuelan people for the Communist Cuban mercenaries sent by the Castro brothers to kill and violate your rights in your own land. They are our shame and in due time will have to answer for their crimes and their complicity in the crimes committed by the Castro brothers.

Communists are like parasites. They suck the life out of everything they touch in order to survive. They bring only misery and death. The Castro Regime learned from the Soviets and will hang on to power by any means necessary.

It would be wise for all countries in Latin America to pay close attention to what is happening in Venezuela and what happened in Cuba. Aligning yourselves with the Castro Regime would be a deadly mistake. Just as they did in Cuba and in Venezuela, they will steal all the wealth that others worked so hard to acquire.

This is the reality in Venezuela!

Venezuelans, look in the reflection of the Cubans. Everything that is happening to your country, happened in Cuba. Unfortunately, we were not able to save ourselves from communism's evil grip, but for you it's not too late.  Your fight is our fight! "It's Now or Never!"

Venezuela, TO THE STREETS! - YouTube

Source: VozDeLaVerda