Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Demonstration Against the Closure of Globovision in Venezuela

" ALL FOR ONE, AND FREEDOM FOR ALL " JUNE 25th: JOIN US to unmuzzle the world.

1) On June 25th, in as many countries as we can possibly organize, we will protest in front of the respective Venezuelan embassies or consulates, or in front of international organizations connected with the issue of Human Rights.

2)The protest consists of gagging our mouths with red muzzles as a symbol of violations of freedom of expression.

3) During the manifestation a document, rejecting the closure of Globovision and of any media in the world, will be presented

AN UNMUZZLED WORLD JUNE 25th: WORLD WIDE PROTESTS FOR THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Freedom of speech is established as a fundamental human right and in a system of democratic government it ought to be promoted and defended by the government as well as by and the citizenry.

We wish to speak out against the closing of any communication medium in whatever country. Let us join our voices that they may be heard throughout the world. Unmuzzled we speak!In Venezuela freedom of speech and democracy have been in danger for quite some time. The most obvious attack was the closing of RCTV, a television channel that had been operating for 50 years.

Their license was revoked and its equipment stolen outright under the sad excuse that its concession had expired.Once again, Venezuelans are being threatened with the closing of Globovisión, the only 24 hour news channel in the country.

This might happen any moment! There is no valid legal explanation; it is a political fact that the powers-that-be simply want to silence the channel whose opinions are not the same as those of the government. Should the closing of this communication medium materialize, then the only television window left in Venezuela for denouncing human rights violations would be closed off.

We want to raise our voices against the closure of any media anywhere in the world. We want you to be part of this campaign and to play a role in this manifestation that shall allow our voices to be heard everywhere without Muzzles!