Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Injustices with an Angel!!

If Angel Luis had been born in the US, his family would have been able to file a malpractice lawsuit, but he was born in Cuba, where there is no justice and a healthcare system that is criminal at best. Born with tumor in his liver, had his leg amputated during surgery and had in intestines perforated and had to use a colonoscopy bag for 11 months. He is only two years old!! Angel lives in extreme poverty and lacks proper medical care.

I wonder how useful idiot Michael Moore would explain this one. Angel's mother writes a blog, "Injusticias con un Angel" (Injustices with an Angel), where she documents the day to day struggle to help her son survive in a country with no future.

He has a page on facebook and he needs donations....
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WikiLeaks cables highlight Cuba's health care issues

In one Cuban hospital, patients had to bring their own light bulbs. In another, the staff used "a primitive manual vacuum" on a woman who had miscarried. In others, Cuban patients pay bribes to obtain better treatment.
Those and other observations by an unidentified nurse assigned to the U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana were included in a dispatch sent by the mission in January 2008 and made public this month by WikiLeaks.
Titled "Cuban healthcare: Aquí Nada es Facil'' -- Nothing here is easy -- the cable offers a withering assessment by the nurse, officially a Foreign Service Health Practitioner, or FSHP, who already had lived in Cuba for 2 1/2 years.

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