Monday, April 12, 2010

These are the Women Most Feared by the Communist Regime of Cuba.

In a society where civil and moral values lost their worth long ago, some find glory in stomping on the rights of those they see as inferior, for having the audacity to think different then they do.

Others have the clarity to see the lye within the daily rhetoric, we were feed for so many decades and wings of freedom start to grow.

Today, the sons of those ideals for which so many gave their lives, are devoured by the revolution.

The Ladies in White were born seven years ago, during the wave of arrests, known as the Dark Spring of 2003, when the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of the 75 dissidents who were arrested on the spring of 2003, got together to ask for freedom for their family members imprisoned by the Communists.

Every Sunday after attending mass at the Church of Santa Rita, these brave women march down 5ta Avenida in Havana, Cuba. They march for the man who gave it all, because they understood that country is above any ideology and above themselves.

These Mujeres Coraje, (Women of Courage) march in spite of the insults, violence, shoves and abuses they receive at the hands of paramilitary crowds, dresses in civilian clothes. Their only weapons.....their unconditional love for their family members and a gladiola in their hands.

These are the women most feared by the communist regime of Cuba.

Please sing the Nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize for the brave Cuban Ladies in White!