Saturday, January 23, 2010

'Re-education' officer beats Cuban political prisoner Darsi Ferrer

Radio Marti and the blog Uncommon Sence report that Dr. Darsi Ferrer has been beaten by a re-education officer. Darsi who was sent to prison without a trial for buying cement to repair his home is obviously in prison for his criticism of the communist regime and it's disregards for humans rights.


Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramírez

The political "re-education" officer at the Vallegrande prison recently delivered a beating to Cuban political prisoner Dr. Darsi Ferrer. Such an assault is never warranted, but to make it worse, Ferrer was handcuffed and unable to defend himself when he was assaulted.

Ferrer, a physician and independent journalist, has been in jail since last July. No formal charges have been filed, but he reportedly has been accused of buying some construction materials on the black market in order to make repairs to his residence after it was damaged during a police raid.

No one believes that. What is more likely is that the dictatorship finally decided to clamp down hard on one of its most persistent and effective critics.

The fact that there is a "re-education" officer on Ferrer's case, is further proof that this is a political, not criminal, prosecution.