Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There is no Peace Without Liberty!

Last Sunday Colombian singer Juanes, offered a concert for peace in Revolution Square in Havana, Cuba.

Only Juanes knows what his true
intentions were, but Cuba needs
freedom not peace-they are not at
war and Che's murderous mug being there makes it the biggest
irony of all. For those who keep praising his glory, he ordered
the execution of hundreds of Cubans-prisoners of conscience.
Legal court trials were discarded and fanatical mobs were asked to
decide who lived or die. I for one am ashamed those injustices
were committed in the land where I was born.

It's obvious
by the naive comments before and after the,concet that
people have no idea how the Castro Regime works. Cuban
Americans are free, and have access to information that
the ones that stayed don't.

There is no freedom in Cuba,
and without freedom, there can be no peace. Maybe Juanes meant
well but it will make no difference and today when regular Cubans-not
the communist elite have to face their reality, the after
Juanes is the same as the before Juanes.It's easy for people without
real ties to Cuba to judge us, because you haven't walked a day in
our shoes. Visiting Cuba for fun is not being Cuban. The exiles still
have to live among communists spies and watch the bodies of our
countryman wash ashore on the Florida coast. Many are still
waiting to give our dead a proper burial-someday if we can
find the bodies, we will.

I can assure you that the threats
against Juanes, didn't come from exiles but from the spies among us.
Remember that saying,"Divide and Conquer". Cubans are lively and
impulsive and your face-they are very passionate about a subject they
know to all to well-so a group broke a few records, so what.
Americans burn their flag and badmouth their president, but that's
all-it's called the first amendment-Remember?