Saturday, November 28, 2009

For a Good Laugh - Operation Bastión

For a good laugh!

President of Cuba, Raul Castro has decided that President Obama could be planning to invade Cuba. I didn't know the senile old man was also a comedian! Doesn't he know that Obama only kills flies? Not to mention he has a Noble Peace price hanging over his head.

Military training exercises under the name Operation Bastion 2009 started yesterday in the early hours of the morning and will last until tomorrow, Sunday the 29 of November.

Once again, the same old story of the invasion of the United States, that will never happen. With the hunger suffered by the Cuban people, the communist regime should be ashamed of themselves for wasting resources in ridiculous and absurd military exercises.

The identical story of Chavez and Colombia. Any idiot knows that Colombia will not invade Venezuela. The Colombian president is too busy trying to rid his country of the guerrilla fighters, the Castro regime has been training for the past 50 years in an effort to spread communism.

What Cuba needs is freedom. The geriatric regime can fool no one anymore. Operation Bastión is nothing more then a distraction and an desperate effort to control the population with fear-from an enemy that never was.
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