Thursday, September 17, 2009

San Joaquin Valley Farmers Loose their Water Over Trout

To protect a tiny fish, farmers in the San Joaquin Valley, in Northern California, have been left without water for their crops.

Nancy Pelosi and her Environmental-Marxists Democrats, have blocked all 7 attempts to get the water turned back on. I guess what they say is true , that by their actions you shall know them-Pelosi is a real peace of work.

What in the name of all that is holly, could possibly justify, leaving 38 million people without water.

The area affected by this barbaric federal decision is reaching 40% unemployment, but they don't want a bail out-all they want is their livelihood back. Without water these farmers and their workers have no jobs and no future.

Paul Rodriguez the Comedian turned activist, who's own mother lives in the area affected by Botox Pelosi's work, stated on Fox News, that he voted for Obama, but this was not the change he had hoped for.

Today on Hannity, thousands of residents gather in Huron, California, with one message to President Obama........TURN THE WATER BACK ON!!!

Representative Devin Nunes
from the San Joaquin Vally is one of the people trying to pass legislation to get the water pumping again, but Pelosi and the other democrats continue to vote against it-All but three Democrats Rep. Griffith (D-Alabama), Rep. Kratovil (D-MA), and Rep. Minnick (ID)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

John Stuart's Take on the Acorn Tapes!

This video of John Stuart, from the Daily Show makes light of a very serious situation and though it's tragic, it made me laugh so much that I had to share it. What would we do without comedy in our lives?

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Cuban dissident Darsi Ferrer being tortured in jail

Just in from the blog Uncommon Sense..........

Cuban human rights activist Dr. Darsi Ferrer, in jail since July 21 but not formally charged with a crime, is being tortured by the Castro dictatorship, which is refusing him treatment for a painful dental problem, according to a dispatch posted at Miscelaneas de Cuba.

Ferrer reportedly is under investigation for buying cement on the black market to repair his apartment, but Cuban human rights activists have said they believe he is being persecuted because of his work as an independent journalist and other human rights activities.

For a list of 11 reasons why Ferrer is in jail, read this list provided by his wife.

For more about Dr. Ferrer......