Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"I Am the Other Cuba", a Documentary That Exposes the Sad Reality of Today's Cuba

Pierantonio Maria Micciarelli........"When I was young I was fascinated with the myth of the Cuban Revolution, but now  here in Cuba y saw a different face and reality. They are people of courage who are prisoners in their own house. 

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Woman Beaten by Cuban Police!

Mariblanca, was one of a group of disidents arrested September 26. While spending time in jail, she was beaten by Cuban police and this is the state she was in when she came home.

I find it hard to belive that the cowards who beat her were born from a woman.

A few days ago a useful idtio wrote from his Twitter page, that the Cuba Revolution had done more for women and children. The trueth y something else......

This is how Cuban police treats a woman. Her crime? To think......

The following vídeo shows all the people arrested September 26 along with Mariblanca. Mariblanca can be clearly seen, before the beating by the police.