Saturday, December 20, 2008

Raul Castro Offered Exchange of Prisoners With the US

Children Kidnapped in Cuba

In 1971, my father left Cuba, leaving his two kids behind-my brother age 1 and me, 6 years old. The Cuban government would not allow us to leave with him, even thought we had a visa from a Spain and money for the flight.

Even though they tried to indoctrinate us, we didn't become pioneers of the revolution and didn't become like Che. Eight years later we were allowed to leave, with our mother. The Castro regime, considers Cuban Children, the property of the State.

It's been nine years, since Elian Gonzalez, arrived on the coast of Florida in a raft. His mother Elizabeth Broton, died in the attempt, during the odyssey. His father, manipulated by the Cuban government, asked that Elian be returned to the Island, to be reunited with his father, and he succeeded.

Even though Elian's mother gave her life, for her son to have a better life, her sacrifice was in vain. US authorities, returned him to Cuba.

The Castro's double standard is sickening! As reported by Maria Elvira Salazar at:

Currently, there are over 2,000 Cuban children kidnapped by the Castro Regime in Cuba.

These children, the majority under 18 years old, are prohibited from reuniting with their parents, simply because the Cuban government considers their mothers and fathers, already exiled and residing outside of Cuba, and the majority practicing physicians, as deserters and/or traitors of the Cuban Revolution.

What is the crime committed by these doctors/parents? Why are they considered traitors to the Revolution? Simply stated, the physicians abandoned their overseas assignments to provide medical services in various countries, including Venezuela. The Cuban government categorizes these physicians as deserters, because through these doctors' services, the Cuban government receives large sums of badly-needed hard currency.

In addition, Cuba uses these doctors to create the perception to the rest of the world that it is truly concerned about the medical well being of citizens in other countries, and therefore wants to assist by providing medical services for these unattended, medically deprived populations. The truth of the matter is that Cuba's provision of physicians to these countries, to provide such medical services, has resulted in an extremely lucrative business venture for the 50-year-old Castro dictatorship.

Therefore, these doctors' abandonment of their assignments, prevents the Cuban government from receiving large sums of money for the medical services that the doctors would have provided, had they chosen to stay in their assigned country. Many of these physicians take advantage of the only opportunity they have to flee the Castro dictatorship, in search of liberty and democracy. Unfortunately, and certainly in revenge, the Cuban government retaliates by separating the physicians, indefinitely, from those individuals they love most, their children.

Ironically, the argument used by Cuba in the famous Elian Gonzalez Case, that advocated for family unity, and the right of every child to live with his/her natural parents, in this current day context, obviously, for Cuba, does not apply.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Other Prisons Have to Close

President Elect Barack Obama talks about closing the prison in Guantanamo bay, but turns a blind eye to the 581 prisons on the other side of the fence of Guantanamo Bay, filled with prisoners of conscience living in subhuman conditions.

As reported by José Ramón Pupo Nieves, Holguín Press / - HOLGUÍN- Independent reporter prisoner of conscience Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, that a few months back sewed his mouth shut in protest, has denounced the difficult conditions of his life in the provincial prison of Holguín,

According to Carlos, in a section of the prison known as "Viejo Espigón", which measures 10 meters by 6 meters, 56 inmates coexist with just 2 toilets. “This is truly chaotic, during physiological necessities. Other areas of the prison are in similar conditions", said Herrera

He also said that he heard about Barack Obama's plan to close the jail at the Naval Base of Guantánamo. "When will the world open it's eyes and realize, that there are other Guantánamos, that also need to be closed, here in Cuba?, enfazised the prisoner of conscience.

Cuban Revolution Billboards Burned

As reported by (Lamasiel Gutiérrez, Isla Press / – Photo from A dozen billboards, allegorical to the Revolution, were burned in Zone 11 of Alamar, Havana del Este, Municipality. between the 14, 15 and 16 of December.

Police, delegates of the zone and Committees of Defense of the Revolution, visited house to house each neighbor suspected of the arson, but with no results.

There were urgent meetings called, to test the patriotism of the people in the area and pick up clues, that could lead then to the perpetrator/ors of the sabotages.The meetings concluded with "long live Fidel, the revolution and down with imperialism.

At the end of this information, no suspects had been arrested.

Ah the site of panic by the Castro regimes puppets, just beautiful. Burn baby burn!!!

NewJudicial Association Formed in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, December 15 (José Antonio Fornaris, Cuba-Verdad / – A group of lawyers has announced the creation of an independent organization named Cuban Juridical Association (Asociación Jurídica Cubana.

"One of the inescapable immediate first steps is to contribute to the slow but progressive establishment in the country of an authentic State of Law," the association said in a press release.

The associate said that it will educate the Cuban people about the State of Law and will give free advice to the public.

The association's president, Wilfredo Vallín Almeida, said members will give legal support to parties opposed to the government.

Afro-Cuban Young man, Beaten in Regla, City of Havana

This is how the Castro Regime, treats Afro-Cubans

HABANA, Cuba, Diciembre 19 (Iván Sañudo, Agencia Libre Asociada / –

Afro-Cuban young man Alexis Manuel García, beaten last December 17th on the corner of Marti and Agramonte, in Regla, Havana, while he talked to individuals dedicated to the selling and buying of convertible money.

Patrolmen who arrived at the scene, according to eye witnesses, asked for their identification cards of all that were present. García, very upset, made reference to the Cubans lack of freedom.

Without an explanation one of the cops, pulled out his baton, and beat García until he fell to the floor, at which time, he began to kick him. Passers by began to yell at the policeman: Abusive, assassin, savage!, until the beating stopped.

Alexis Manuel, was taken to police station No.13, and his status is unknown-according to his mother, he was in isolation.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simon Bolivar

Today is the anniversary of the death of Liberator Simon Bolivar, who died December 17, 1830. Bolivar was a Venezuelan military leader and politician and one of the key figures in the Americas Independence from the Spanish Empire, along with the Argentinian Jose de San Martin. He contributed in a decisive manner to the independence of the current, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru y Venezuela. He was given the honorary title of Liberator, by the Cabildo of Merida in Venezuela.

Today, 178 years after his death, he is remembered throughout the Americas.

In front of a monument in his honor, in the center of Caracas, Venezuela, a group of young University students, are beaten by a Chavez mob, while they were trying to gather in
remembrance, of the death of their hero.

It would appear that they haven't noticed, they no longer live in a democracy.

All I can say, to the Venezuelan people, is to have strength, and fight for you country, before is too late. Don't let Chavez destroy your land and your people, like the Castro brothers did to ours.

"Gods Speed".

The Seed of Lucifer Vs Yoani Sanchez

During a resent Press Conference dealing with sexuality, at the Museo de Bellas Artes, in Havana, the daughter of Dictator Raul Castro, Mariela, a Sexologist and supposed defender of Homosexuals, and the famous Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez, had a brief exchange.......

Mariela: Including treatment for transgender people is something that’s called for in the law. We don’t ask for more.

Yoani: I’d like to ask if this entire campaign being undertaken, in some way, for society to accept sexual preference could, at some point, move to other roles and will also fight for tolerance of other aspects which could be points of view and political and ideological preferences. Will we also come out of these closets?

Mariela: I don’t know because I don’t work in that area. The ideological and political field is outside my responsibility. I think I am doing the best I can given my ability.

Now it would seem that the daughter of the "Lord of no Mercy", has grown airs of grandeur and look at how she talks about Yoani,

"All seems to indicate, that our opposition have ran out of intellectual resources, when they turn to individuals that are "insignificant and poorly prepared", that far from making it difficult for us, facilitate our area of work".

The "Seed of Lucifer", thinks that all the fuss she is making, will somehow give her the international influence and recognition that Yoani Sanchez has earned! Hahhhh, dream on!!

In the forum Cenecex, she refered to Yoani as a Gallita "female cock", to which Yoani replied, "in her language as a specialist in gender and sexuality, the word has homophobic connotations. Perhaps because I am ignorant about the terms of her specialty. I fail to understand what she wanted to tell me by saddling me with a masculine role in a feminine noun; yes, in the case of grammar I can boast about knowing something. Does she believe that I do the work of a man because I demand rights and claim respect for political preferences?"

The homophobic in disguise added among other things, that Yoani "doesn't seem to be interested in the rights of the Cubans, and instead in sabotaging the efforts that we are making to legitimatize ourselves". Say what?

In her last entry in her blog Generation Y. Yoani responded in this manner,
I don’t see the feathers on my tail but, if to be a very delicate hen I must accept that a group of septuagenarians—old men—decide every aspect of my life, then I’m inclined to transvestism and will cock-a-doodle-doo like the rooster with the most hormones in the barnyard. You go girl!!!

The demon spawn said also, "some friends wrote me to let me know that the young woman, has started a big ruckus in some blogs, dedicated to discrediting the Cuban Revolution". Hello! I hate to be the barer of bad news, but the Revolution is 50 years old and it was discredited a long time ago, without any help from us.

What does this "Rich Tramp" think she is? Does she think anyone believes she is interested in the equality of homosexuals? We all know too well, that the Cuban government has systematically spend decades trying to destroy them. The Cuban gay community has been marginalized, tortured, assassinated and imprisoned. All she is trying to do is get transgender patients to Cuba in order to make her father's regime richer and stronger.

The daughter of the second oldest Mummy in Cuba, should stick to what is, her area of work, being that she is so progressive and liberal-not exactly in between her ears.............and let the job of defending the right of the Cuban people to the "Insignificant", because she is not even worthy to stand in the same room with Yoani Sanchez!!

Oswaldo Paya and the Varela Project

First Part:

Second Part:

Monday, December 15, 2008

"Pedro Luis Ferrer: One Man's Revolution" (2008)

Pedro Luis Ferrer, a Cuban poet and musician who lives outside of Cuban society, for having the audacity to express what he thinks. His music is no longer played in Cuba's media, but it's known throughout the Island.

This is what Ferrer says: "If I don't leave Cuba, don't assume I have stayed", words from his song, "If I don't Leave Cuba".

"You hear that people leave a country, but not about when a country leaves the people. A country abandons you, then loneliness is born, when you no longer have a country".

Canaldocumental TV,
"Recorded in Havana, while Pedro Luis Ferrer was rapping up the recording of his last CD. Recording was finished and edited in Spain, during a tour through Europe."

The folowing video is a the courtesy of Canaldocumental on Youtube.

Sourse: Interview given by the videographers Waldo Capote y Armando Guerra a CanalDocumental. More info en

More from maestro Ferrer:

Cubana 100%
Yo No Tanto Como él

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cuban Vice-President's Girlfriend Kills and Dismembers Young Lover

Accoding to Cuba's newspapers, in Cuba, nothing ever happens, but according to the digital newspaper Nuevo Accion , a horrendous crime of passion occurred in Havana, Cuba, two days ago, at the hands of the girlfriend of Cuba's Vice-President Carlos Lage. Lage's girlfriend, Laritza Ulloa, a television host, had another lover, much younger then she was. She stabbed him and them dismembered him in the bathtub of her house.

The Nuevo Accion adds that the Cuban police reports that, Laritza Ulloa, had discovered that her young lover had raped her daughter and that the dismemberment had been done by Laritza on her own, but according to Nuevo Accion, "in some government circles,
"they suspect Carlos Lage was involved, due to the dismemberment been done with impeccable precision, from the surgical point of view and because everyone knows that the Vice-President of the Castro government is a doctor". Seems to me he would make a good candidate for the "Forensic Department", performing autopsies!

The photographs were sent out from inside the police. On their page the Nuevo Accion has published the horrendous photographs. I choose not to publish them here, due to the horrific and offensive content. I want to warn my readers that they are difficult to look at and if you impress easy
, I suggest you use discretion. The two photos published by this newspaper are the least offensive and they are really graphic-the others were according to the digital newspaper, too disturbing.

But remember, nothing ever happens in Cuba!!


This story continues to be unconfirmed, since there is no free press in Cuba. Adding to the confusion, there are three Laritza's on Cuban TV-Latitza Vega, Laritza Camacho and Laritza Ulloa, who is the only one linked to the Vice President Carlos Lage. I tried to find a video of Laritza Ulloa and the only one I found has been deleted.

We might never know the truth at this rate!

"Che, The Butcher of the Cabana"