Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cuban Vice-President's Girlfriend Kills and Dismembers Young Lover

Accoding to Cuba's newspapers, in Cuba, nothing ever happens, but according to the digital newspaper Nuevo Accion , a horrendous crime of passion occurred in Havana, Cuba, two days ago, at the hands of the girlfriend of Cuba's Vice-President Carlos Lage. Lage's girlfriend, Laritza Ulloa, a television host, had another lover, much younger then she was. She stabbed him and them dismembered him in the bathtub of her house.

The Nuevo Accion adds that the Cuban police reports that, Laritza Ulloa, had discovered that her young lover had raped her daughter and that the dismemberment had been done by Laritza on her own, but according to Nuevo Accion, "in some government circles,
"they suspect Carlos Lage was involved, due to the dismemberment been done with impeccable precision, from the surgical point of view and because everyone knows that the Vice-President of the Castro government is a doctor". Seems to me he would make a good candidate for the "Forensic Department", performing autopsies!

The photographs were sent out from inside the police. On their page the Nuevo Accion has published the horrendous photographs. I choose not to publish them here, due to the horrific and offensive content. I want to warn my readers that they are difficult to look at and if you impress easy
, I suggest you use discretion. The two photos published by this newspaper are the least offensive and they are really graphic-the others were according to the digital newspaper, too disturbing.

But remember, nothing ever happens in Cuba!!


This story continues to be unconfirmed, since there is no free press in Cuba. Adding to the confusion, there are three Laritza's on Cuban TV-Latitza Vega, Laritza Camacho and Laritza Ulloa, who is the only one linked to the Vice President Carlos Lage. I tried to find a video of Laritza Ulloa and the only one I found has been deleted.

We might never know the truth at this rate!

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