Saturday, December 20, 2008

Children Kidnapped in Cuba

In 1971, my father left Cuba, leaving his two kids behind-my brother age 1 and me, 6 years old. The Cuban government would not allow us to leave with him, even thought we had a visa from a Spain and money for the flight.

Even though they tried to indoctrinate us, we didn't become pioneers of the revolution and didn't become like Che. Eight years later we were allowed to leave, with our mother. The Castro regime, considers Cuban Children, the property of the State.

It's been nine years, since Elian Gonzalez, arrived on the coast of Florida in a raft. His mother Elizabeth Broton, died in the attempt, during the odyssey. His father, manipulated by the Cuban government, asked that Elian be returned to the Island, to be reunited with his father, and he succeeded.

Even though Elian's mother gave her life, for her son to have a better life, her sacrifice was in vain. US authorities, returned him to Cuba.

The Castro's double standard is sickening! As reported by Maria Elvira Salazar at:

Currently, there are over 2,000 Cuban children kidnapped by the Castro Regime in Cuba.

These children, the majority under 18 years old, are prohibited from reuniting with their parents, simply because the Cuban government considers their mothers and fathers, already exiled and residing outside of Cuba, and the majority practicing physicians, as deserters and/or traitors of the Cuban Revolution.

What is the crime committed by these doctors/parents? Why are they considered traitors to the Revolution? Simply stated, the physicians abandoned their overseas assignments to provide medical services in various countries, including Venezuela. The Cuban government categorizes these physicians as deserters, because through these doctors' services, the Cuban government receives large sums of badly-needed hard currency.

In addition, Cuba uses these doctors to create the perception to the rest of the world that it is truly concerned about the medical well being of citizens in other countries, and therefore wants to assist by providing medical services for these unattended, medically deprived populations. The truth of the matter is that Cuba's provision of physicians to these countries, to provide such medical services, has resulted in an extremely lucrative business venture for the 50-year-old Castro dictatorship.

Therefore, these doctors' abandonment of their assignments, prevents the Cuban government from receiving large sums of money for the medical services that the doctors would have provided, had they chosen to stay in their assigned country. Many of these physicians take advantage of the only opportunity they have to flee the Castro dictatorship, in search of liberty and democracy. Unfortunately, and certainly in revenge, the Cuban government retaliates by separating the physicians, indefinitely, from those individuals they love most, their children.

Ironically, the argument used by Cuba in the famous Elian Gonzalez Case, that advocated for family unity, and the right of every child to live with his/her natural parents, in this current day context, obviously, for Cuba, does not apply.

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