Friday, December 19, 2008

Afro-Cuban Young man, Beaten in Regla, City of Havana

This is how the Castro Regime, treats Afro-Cubans

HABANA, Cuba, Diciembre 19 (Iván Sañudo, Agencia Libre Asociada / –

Afro-Cuban young man Alexis Manuel García, beaten last December 17th on the corner of Marti and Agramonte, in Regla, Havana, while he talked to individuals dedicated to the selling and buying of convertible money.

Patrolmen who arrived at the scene, according to eye witnesses, asked for their identification cards of all that were present. García, very upset, made reference to the Cubans lack of freedom.

Without an explanation one of the cops, pulled out his baton, and beat García until he fell to the floor, at which time, he began to kick him. Passers by began to yell at the policeman: Abusive, assassin, savage!, until the beating stopped.

Alexis Manuel, was taken to police station No.13, and his status is unknown-according to his mother, he was in isolation.

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