Monday, December 15, 2008

"Pedro Luis Ferrer: One Man's Revolution" (2008)

Pedro Luis Ferrer, a Cuban poet and musician who lives outside of Cuban society, for having the audacity to express what he thinks. His music is no longer played in Cuba's media, but it's known throughout the Island.

This is what Ferrer says: "If I don't leave Cuba, don't assume I have stayed", words from his song, "If I don't Leave Cuba".

"You hear that people leave a country, but not about when a country leaves the people. A country abandons you, then loneliness is born, when you no longer have a country".

Canaldocumental TV,
"Recorded in Havana, while Pedro Luis Ferrer was rapping up the recording of his last CD. Recording was finished and edited in Spain, during a tour through Europe."

The folowing video is a the courtesy of Canaldocumental on Youtube.

Sourse: Interview given by the videographers Waldo Capote y Armando Guerra a CanalDocumental. More info en

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