Friday, December 19, 2008

Other Prisons Have to Close

President Elect Barack Obama talks about closing the prison in Guantanamo bay, but turns a blind eye to the 581 prisons on the other side of the fence of Guantanamo Bay, filled with prisoners of conscience living in subhuman conditions.

As reported by José Ramón Pupo Nieves, Holguín Press / - HOLGUÍN- Independent reporter prisoner of conscience Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, that a few months back sewed his mouth shut in protest, has denounced the difficult conditions of his life in the provincial prison of Holguín,

According to Carlos, in a section of the prison known as "Viejo Espigón", which measures 10 meters by 6 meters, 56 inmates coexist with just 2 toilets. “This is truly chaotic, during physiological necessities. Other areas of the prison are in similar conditions", said Herrera

He also said that he heard about Barack Obama's plan to close the jail at the Naval Base of Guantánamo. "When will the world open it's eyes and realize, that there are other Guantánamos, that also need to be closed, here in Cuba?, enfazised the prisoner of conscience.

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