Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simon Bolivar

Today is the anniversary of the death of Liberator Simon Bolivar, who died December 17, 1830. Bolivar was a Venezuelan military leader and politician and one of the key figures in the Americas Independence from the Spanish Empire, along with the Argentinian Jose de San Martin. He contributed in a decisive manner to the independence of the current, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru y Venezuela. He was given the honorary title of Liberator, by the Cabildo of Merida in Venezuela.

Today, 178 years after his death, he is remembered throughout the Americas.

In front of a monument in his honor, in the center of Caracas, Venezuela, a group of young University students, are beaten by a Chavez mob, while they were trying to gather in
remembrance, of the death of their hero.

It would appear that they haven't noticed, they no longer live in a democracy.

All I can say, to the Venezuelan people, is to have strength, and fight for you country, before is too late. Don't let Chavez destroy your land and your people, like the Castro brothers did to ours.

"Gods Speed".

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