Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cuban Independence From Spain, 107 Years Ago

Cuba's independence turns 107 and though our history made a turn for the worse 50 years ago. We must never forget the brave heroes of that noble war.

"I read in a 1896 book written here in America..... The most glowing pages of history are those that record the proud achievements of patriots and heroes to gain national liberty and independence. Sparta had her Thermopylae. Scotland had her Bannockburn and immortal Bruce. America had her Revolution, her bunker Hill and Yorktown. Cuba has her patriot army, resolved that her fertile plains shall no longer be trampled under the hell of Spanish Tyranny, and the warm sea that lave her rocky shore shall sing the anthem of the free".

On the preface of the book the author wrote.... The eyes of the whole world are turned toward Cuba, eagerly watching her Great Struggle for Freedom.

Today one of our own or I should say a family, keeps the Cuban people enslaved, with no end in site.