Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dozens of Mental Patients Died of Starvation and Hypothermia in a Havana Hospital

These images licked to the internet, paint a gruesome picture of what is the Cuban experience. You would expect to see images like these in the Jewish holocaust archives, but this is not Nazi Germany, this is Cuba, January 2010.

Dozens of psychiatric patients perished inside the walls of the hospital known as Mazorra in Havana city, Cuba. They died from starvation and hypothermia. The people entrusted to care for them stole the food, blankets and mattresses that were supposed to be used for the patients. The bodies had signs of severe neglect, bruises and torture.

I can remember the fear we all had at the mere mention of this hospital. It is know to the average Cuban as a place of torture used by the Castro Regime to persuade agitators and contra revolutionaries. Opening these doors is opening the gates of hell. Someone in my own family was sent there, just for speaking out against the regime.

Never forget!