Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Romanovs Last Prayer

This is the hatred Castro brought to our beautiful Island. This should have never been done. May the Romanov family rest in peace.
From the youtube chanel of iddoproductions:
This video is dedicated to the last Imperial Family of Tsarist Russia.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The DesdeCuba Blogs are not blocked!!

The blogs from were not blocked. I have been trying since this morning to no avail. Now I'm hearing from different Cuban blogs that they are not showing up are. They include: Generacion Y, Desde aqui, El blog de Dimas, Retazos, Potro Salvaje, Blog La Colmena y Lo Nuestro.

Fantomas said...Charlie Bravo said...
Apparently the site is under going some maintenance and should be up and running very soon. That's a relief.

Susana, a regular commenter at OctavoCerco apparently has talked to Yoani, and there's a maintainance problem affecting their umbrella site:
Yoani's message, verbatim:

"They are performing some maintainance on the server we use at, so the problem doesn't seem to come from the "hairy and". Let's wait till tomorrow to see if everything gets back to normal".

I e-mailed Yoani, too, to offer some help in case she needed any.
Thanks to all who worried....

Cuban Police Kill a Mentally Unstable Man

CIEGO DE ÁVILA, Cuba, December 23 (Tico Morales, APLA / - Madrigal, a man with mental problems and well known in the community, took his clothes off during one of his usual crisises and walked around town in his birthday suit, without no one, not even the popular social workers coming to his aid.

Madrigal was beaten with baton by several policemen, and while they were handcuffing him, the most famous insane person in town was strangled by these men in uniform.

People were so infuriated with the police, that the Secretary of the Communist Party, from Ciego de Ávila, “compañero Tapia”, traveled to the area to calm things and ordered that the Florencia Chief of Police be demoted.

During the victims funeral, new fights broke out when family members began attacking the police in attendance at the holy ground, throuing anything they could get their hands on at them.

What happened to Yoani and Reinaldo's blogs?

I have just tried to enter and all the blogs are gone!! It's about 10:16 a.m. Pacific time. What is happening?

I'm having withdrawals!!!

The Bond Which Unites All Cubans

The old Castros have destroyed our Island and scattered us all over the world and though it's true that Cubans are divided by many things, it's also true that we are united by so much more, and the ties to our culture, no tirant will ever destroy. Though our hearts may be broken, we still have among others, our music, to bring us happiness wherever we are in the world.

Conga Santiaguera

Sunday, December 21, 2008