Monday, December 22, 2008

Cuban Police Kill a Mentally Unstable Man

CIEGO DE ÁVILA, Cuba, December 23 (Tico Morales, APLA / - Madrigal, a man with mental problems and well known in the community, took his clothes off during one of his usual crisises and walked around town in his birthday suit, without no one, not even the popular social workers coming to his aid.

Madrigal was beaten with baton by several policemen, and while they were handcuffing him, the most famous insane person in town was strangled by these men in uniform.

People were so infuriated with the police, that the Secretary of the Communist Party, from Ciego de Ávila, “compañero Tapia”, traveled to the area to calm things and ordered that the Florencia Chief of Police be demoted.

During the victims funeral, new fights broke out when family members began attacking the police in attendance at the holy ground, throuing anything they could get their hands on at them.

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