Monday, December 22, 2008

The DesdeCuba Blogs are not blocked!!

The blogs from were not blocked. I have been trying since this morning to no avail. Now I'm hearing from different Cuban blogs that they are not showing up are. They include: Generacion Y, Desde aqui, El blog de Dimas, Retazos, Potro Salvaje, Blog La Colmena y Lo Nuestro.

Fantomas said...Charlie Bravo said...
Apparently the site is under going some maintenance and should be up and running very soon. That's a relief.

Susana, a regular commenter at OctavoCerco apparently has talked to Yoani, and there's a maintainance problem affecting their umbrella site:
Yoani's message, verbatim:

"They are performing some maintainance on the server we use at, so the problem doesn't seem to come from the "hairy and". Let's wait till tomorrow to see if everything gets back to normal".

I e-mailed Yoani, too, to offer some help in case she needed any.
Thanks to all who worried....

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