Thursday, November 20, 2008


People ask Cuban American all the time, how we let Communism happen to our country. We didn't, and my parents generation tried to stop it, in so may ways. The problem was, that every time someone opened their mouth in protest, they paid a heavy prize.

Picadillo was my home town’s trash collector. He was kind of vocal about his views on the new government. Sometimes he would have a few drinks and sometimes he was sober but he would talk about all the misery around him and about things he thought were wrong with Castro’s government.

One day, he disappeared and no one saw him for two weeks. When he emerged, he was no longer talking. He had been jailed and while there, was tortured and told to keep his mouth shut, or they would kill him. He never spoke again.


PetePassword said...

You write as if 'communism' just happened, like an invasion, rather than the reality, many thousands of Cubans giving their lives in the revolution against the despotic dictator and his American goons and the mafia which ran the casinos, prostitution and drugs. Ordinary Cubans fought for social justice, only those with something to lose opposed it. That's why Cubans in Florida are so right wing they make the American far right look like liberals. How about blogging about the health service free to all which is the envy of the world including developed nations like in Europe? A health system which shames the US one only for the rich. How about blogging about the way your adopted country has imposed an embargo on Cuba ever since it threw out the US firms whose interest was their own profits, which has kept the country poor? How about the school system which has to accept gifts of pencils from well wishers because it is so underfunded for the same reasons? You are a traitor to your country, don't ever think of returning, you are an American now, live with it. The Cubans are well rid of the criminals, right wing politicians, and those who believe in getting rich at the expense of the poor.

~Zury~ said...

Pete, you really should go live in Cuba, then comeback and tell us, who lived it how wonderful the revolution was. Thousands died at the hands of the Fidelistas, not the other way around.

Don't even get me started with the free health care, which can't provide the medicine doctors prescribe and when you have to stay in the hospital, you need to take your own bedding. You know what drop by and read what a Cuban blogger who is living in that hell whole has to say about life in Communist Cuba.

Al Godar said...

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