Tuesday, December 9, 2008

International Human Rights Day

All over the world, December 10th is recognized as the International Human Rights Day. In Cuba, as well as in other countries, the basic human rights to witch every human being is entitled, do not exist.

I would like to share with readers of this site, a message from one of many Cuban patriots. He suffered torture, imprisonment and violations of his human rights. His only crime, to have the audacity to think and speak freely. Those basic rights are not allowed in our country of birth.

"Though many Cubans are not interested in this subject, throughout the last fifty years, in our beloved Country the basic rights that all human beings should have, have been insulted and trampled and at the same time anyone that has had the strength to defend those rights has been subdued without scruples. Cuba and it's controlling totalitarian regime, have been loyal destroyers of everything that smells like freedom.

Today I remember, how many times I was taken to a police Station and detained for days, with the sole objective of forcing me to renounce my memership of groups involved in democratic activism.
Officials that had been prepared and trained to terrorise and neutralize any vestige of opposition, stocked the lives of all activists.

Cuban State Security, is a great apparatus of officials, instructed on how to maintain political order through the subordination of the people and force then to abide by their totalitarian ideology. The majority of Cubans, have determined not to involve themselves in anything that has to do with going against the state in power.

It's heartbreaking to see a nation destroyed. The elderdy completely umprotected, the young desperate to scape reality in any way possible.
Some going abroad and others sucumbing to drugs and alcoholism, that little by little lacerate and destroy the Cuban soul.

While the apathics, only critisice, the ones with the courage to make the oposition against the tirany. May of them live locked away in the miserable Cuban prisons. As a Cuban who loves freedom, I will always be commited, with all inside Cuba, with the intention of defending the values and rights of our countrymen in the Island.

One day this suffering will finally end and justive will drop to their knees all those who have mutilated the Cuban Family. I am also committed to this justice. Hurray for the 10th of December and Hurray for Human Rights, And of course,

Down with Communism and it's colaborators".

Nestor Fernandez.

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