Saturday, January 17, 2009

Virtual Tour of Havana

I was visiting Yoany Sanchez' blog Generation Y and someone called Webmaster, started posting these panoramic photographs. The pictures are a courtesy of and were taken by Jeffrey Martin. They are amazing, you get the feeling you are standing in the middle of Havana. You can see what's on the sides, behind, in the back and below!!

For those of us who left so long ago without the possibility of returning, it's difficult to look at this images. Our beloved Havana Crumbles.

Pay close attention to the transparent arrows withing the photographs. When you click on them, you are transported into a different location withing the old city. It's fascinating!!

"Pharmacy in Havana-Where's Michael Moore?"

"The Malecon"

"The Rubble of Havana, be Careful!"

"Farmers Market in Old Havana"

"In Front of the Malecon, Reserved For Turists"

Inside of an old Elevator-Could this be our Yoany Sanchez' Elevator?"

Villas y Vedado, Where I would Often Spend my Summer Vacations"


LIBERTAD said...

Michael Moore maybe go to the pharmacy.Good picture!

Anonymous said...

hi friend!! U have a very cool site here....would U mind if we exchange links? ^_^

Anonymous said...

That's cool, it's like you're there!

~Zurama~ said...

Sure gil.

~Zurama~ said...

It sure is Nader. I was impressed. :)