Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunrise in Havana's Flag

I have finished the flag for Sunrise in Havana. It will be the same flag that I made for the Spanish version of this blog. They don't always run parallel, since some videos or articles don't make sense when translated. I will be making the flag with fabric with my mother's help. She is very exited about this idea.

Campaign "With All Flags": A call to all blogs!

The Campaign "With All Flags," led by Cuba Española and other Cuban blogs, is of a civic cultural nature and has among its main objectives to project in a creative way, such values as tolerance and respect for differences, without which it would be inpossible to build a truly free and democratic society.

The campaign, namely that each blogger design a flag representative of their blog or their personal preferences.

Its promoters expect to cover in the future, with the flags of all Cubans blogs, the rostrum of Havana's Malecon. The movement, which is individual in nature and does not have ideological aims extends to blogs and other Internet users who want to show solidarity with the Cuban people and who sympathize with the cause of freedom in Cuba.

The blog "Flag Blog" ( has been opened to serve as a carrier or warehouse reference to the flags that will be joining the campaign. Please join those who publicize the creation of your banner on this or any other blogs with a flag.

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