Wednesday, April 8, 2009

US Lawmakers Get Chummy With the Castro Murderers!

A group of US lawmakers that visited Cuba, returned on Tuesday with nothing but praise about the Castro regime. They met with Raul Castro and even had a two hour conversation with the mummy (Fidel), at the request of Congressional Representative Laura Richarson (aka useful idiot, as mentioned by Vladimir Lenin).

On Fox News this morning, when asked about the human rights violations Representative Laura Richarson said.....We experienced freedom to travel, attended a church service, and we felt freedom to worship, blah, blah, blah.........we saw a tremendous amount of dissidence.

WHAT? Is she kidding me? What dissidence are you going to see in a country that has stayed in power for fifty years by killing anyone that opposes the regime and creating a fear, that is passed on from generation to generation. A country that built over 300 prisons, mostly filled with prisoners of conscience and black.

Meanwhile these members of the Congressional Black Caucus, go all the way to Cuba to shake hands and kiss the Castro brothers. They can now be proud to have the blood of all the people the Castro regime has killed on their hands.

There was no visits to prisoners and no mention of Biscet nor Antunez.

By stating that their visit was successful, they prove once again how useless and stupid they really are.

I don't care how old or how young we are, Americans or Cuban-Americans-More important then going to Cuba for our own enjoyment is remembering that there are people in the island being killed, tortured and imprisoned for their ideas-people who need to be heard.


Dirk said...

This is really something. I have always been angered by how we cow-tow to enemy nations, especially those who govern by tyranny & fear. We've been at this for years, and the Castro government has always been allowed to make Presidential campaign contributions without consequence. Illegal yes, but permitted. This goes back to at least the 1960's & 70's.

Wonder what the payoff this time is????


~Zurama~ said...

I just saw one of the congressman, say that Fidel leaned forward and looked into his eyes and asked him......."How can we help President Obama?"

Gag me!!!! Just disgusting!!!

Muchacho Enfermo said...

I am shock and appalled at the post visit reaction from the Congressional Black Caucus. Who are they kidding?
They've seen nothing except the mummy and a Cuban-free beach in Varadero. It makes me sick.