Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Remembering the Tiananmen Square Massacre

Twenty years ago, the people of China tired of not having their voices heard, flooded the streets in protest against China's Communist Regime. The response was unthinkable as thousands of brave man and women were murdered without mercy, by the Chinese army.

One lone man stood in front of the tanks, putting his life in danger for the sake of freedom. His identity is not known and he has earned the name of "Tank Man". A symbol of freedom forever immortalized. The photograph was taken by Jeff Widener, a photographer from the Associated Press, from the sixth floor of the Bijing Hotel, at a distance of 800 meters and through a 400 mm lence.

Other famous participants of the event in 1989:
If there is anything to learn from so much bloodshed and injustice is that it showed the world the true face of communism. The "Great Farce", once again showed it's evil nature for the whole world to see.

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