Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Courage to be Free!

I wanted to share this blog post and video about the Cuban resistance, who now more then ever need the support of the international community and especially the US. Throughout our history Cubans looked to the US for inspiration. It's important for them to know that they have our support and our admiration. Knowing the world is watching gives the resistance the courage to carry on. Visit the blog, Uncommon Sense for more information on the Cuban Resistance movement.
The National Endowment for Democracy has produced this outstanding video about the Cuban democracy movement, focusing on the five activists it honored last month with its Democracy Award.

As the video makes clear, their struggle is the struggle of all free men, and those risking their lives for that freedom.

Viva Cuba Libre!

The Courage To Be Free: Tribute to Cuban Democracy Activists from National Endowment for Democracy on Vimeo.

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