Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Numerous Epidemics in Cuba

If all the tourists who are so happy to visit Cuba, had knowledge of the lack of higene Cubans have to live with, they would run, because in Cuba, the soap is no where to be found and the water is disgusting. The Cuban government goes out of it's way to hide it, but Cuba is riddled with epidemics, of Swine Flu, Dengue, Conjunctivitis, and tuberculosis-even leprosy has made a comeback, Leprosy in Cuba.

On her blog Generation Y Yoani writes..... "as the television announcers call on us to strengthen our hygiene before the advance of H1N1. The alert occasioned by the epidemic, however, has not caused the shops to lower the price of cleaning products, not even the cost of simple soap which is the equivalent of the wages for a full day’s work. Instead, the opposite has happened. The collapse in imports has been most notable in those that are used to bathe and disinfect.".

Cuban Hospitals are full to capacity, but doctors are scarce, yet Cuban doctors are raining in
Venezuela, where they have been sent. More doctors, probably will make no difference-with or without doctors, there is no medicine.

Independent Journalist
Carlos Ríos Otero writes.....

" It's alarming, the population of rats, carriers of leptospirosis. In several municipalities plagues of lice have been identified in Elementary and High School level. Homeless dogs wonder the streets." Article in it's entirety, ZOZOBRA EN LA POTENCIA MÉDICA

Cuba faces the Swine Flu pandemic without vaccines. In a normal country, with good nutrition, would make the people more equipped
to survive the disease, but as Otero reports......

Cubans diet is deficient and absent of red meats. The government blatantly lies when it affirms that it guarantees 2700 kilo calories/per cápita".

It is usual to see fecal matter running down the streets of Havana. Otero writes......

"70 % of the pipelines for drinking water is deteriorated. The sewer lines are clogged. The sewer waters are spread throughout the city of Havana and invade the drinking water".

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