Saturday, March 27, 2010

Andy García, Talks About the Freedom March Scheduled For Tomorrow in Los Angeles

Join us tomorrow in support of the Ladies in White and all dissidents sacrificing their lives for all Cubans freedom. Please dress in white and bring flowers-gladiolas if you can find them. I tried and no one had any, so we will have to improvise.


A week has passed marking the 7TH anniversary of the Cuban government's imprisonment of 75 peaceful human rights advocates and independent journalists known as Cuba's Black Spring. 7 years later, over 50 prisoners of conscience remain in jail.

Only 2 weeks ago, one of these - ORLANDO ZAPATA TAMAYO – recognized by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience, died after an 85 day hunger strike. Last week, family members of the 75 – known as LAS DAMAS DE BLANCO (Ladies in White) – organized a 7 day rally on the streets of Havana calling for their release. Many were hauled off violently by force while staging a peaceful protest on 3/17.

Cuban in LA writes to ask for your support and solidarity with them and youth who struggle for peaceful nonviolent change on the island. This Sunday, we’ll be joining events taking place nationally led by Gloria Estefan and Raices de Esperanza.

1) Sign the online petition (link below)
2) Pledge to fast 12 hours beginning Sunday 3/28 at 6am.
3) Attend the Hunger for Change demonstration, Sunday 3/28 from 2-5pm @ Echo Park. Procession begins at 4pm.
**Meet at Jose Marti statue in Echo Park. Please wear white & bring a flower.**
4) Change your Facebook profile picture & tweet about your actions (see images of the Damas below)
5) Email to inform your friends and families, especially non-Cubans.

Join Oscar-winning director Pedro Almódovar and legendary Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa in calling for the immediate release of all Cuban prisoners of conscience. Sign here:

12 Hour Fast
Amnesty International prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo, an Afro-Cuban human rights activist, died two weeks ago in a Cuban jail after enduring an 80+ day hunger strike. In response, multiple prisoners of conscience – including Guillermo Farinas - have initiated hunger strikes that have received international attention. Fast for 12 hours to demonstrate true solidarity.

Hunger for Change Demonstration
On March 17th, in the midst of seven days of commemorations marking the 7th anniversary of the Black Spring that summarily imprisoned 75 of their relatives, the Ladies in White were forcibly dragged and carried on to buses by state security to prevent their march. To mark the end of our 12 hour fast, we’ll march around Echo Park, echoing the Ladies in White by wearing white, and carrying flowers and images of the 75. The march will begin and end at the Jose Marti Statue.

Facebook & Twitter
Viral messages are the fastest way to spread information. Change your profile picture on Sunday 3/28 to that of Orlando Zapata Tamayo or the Ladies in White. Update your Facebook status & Twitter feeds with this message: "Today, I'm fasting in solidarity with the Cuban people who hunger for change."

Spread the Word
The power of Hunger for Change lies in spreading information about what’s happened and demonstrating solidarity with those involved. The more people know, the less willing the Cuban government is to continue repressing those in Cuba who dare to speak their own beliefs.

For more info please contact

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