Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ladies in White Kept From Peaceful Protest

Cuban Police kept mothers, wifes, and sisters of political prisoners and dissidents from marching this Wednesday to demand the release of their loved ones. They were shoved into a bus as they were attempting to visit Orlando Fundora a dissident who had just started a hunger strike.

The group called "Ladies in White", was formed after what became known as the "Black Spring of 2003", when a vicious crack down of dissent. A total of 75 people were arrested then and given in most cases decades long prison terms for nothing more then disagreeing with the government. 53 dissidents remain in jail and 26 of them are very poor health.

These brave women who carry only gladiolas are no strangers to these types of treatments. It just doesn't seem very smart of the Castro Regime to show it's true colors at a time when the world is watching. Several of them were injured during the act of impunity.

Lets hope they stay safe tomorrow on the 7th anniversary of the "Black Spring".

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