Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cuban Diplomat Bites a Noregian Girl!

If you plan on visiting the Cuban embassy in Oslo, Norway, don't forget to get a rabies vaccine, because those dogs bite.

Carmen Julia Guerra, a Cuban Diplomat in Oslo, bit Alexandra Joner's hand. The victim is a young Norwegian artist who was participating and filming across the street from the Cuban embassy in Oslo. In the video you can see clearly how the diplomat walks across the street towards Alexandra and then she proceeds to insult her and then bites her hand.

A group has been formed in Facebook asking for the expulsion from Norway of this savage accomplice of the Castro Regime.

Basic Information
Name: ¡BÓTENLA de Noruega! ¡A morder a Cuba! (Kick her out of Norway! Go bite in Cuba!

We call for the expulsion
Carmen Julia Guerra from Norway and demand that diplomats of the dictatorship respect the rules of democracy.

Privacy: Open to all, content is public.
The consul at the Cuban embassy in Oslo provokes, insults and bites a demonstrator, 20 year old Alexandra Joner, on her hand, on May 22 during a worldwide pro-Cuban freedom march.

This video shows the attack.

Here you can see the Vampire wannabe, denying having bitten the girl and even goes as far as saying that it is the victim who should apologize to her-unbelievable!!

You may join the effort to get this delinquent (Carmen Julia Guerra) out of Norway here

Alexandra Joner Modeling for a music video.

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