Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango Living in a Rundown Boston Estate

Zeituni Onuango, the aunt Barack Obama mentions in his best-selling book "Dreams from My Father", has been found living in a run down Boston public housing estate, reports the Times Online. An uncle Omar, who once lived with aunt Zeituni, dropped out of site years ago, says the Times.

I don't know about you, but with the millions he made with the book and being that he refered to his aunt, with such affection, you would think, he would share his wealth, like he wants to do with the wealthiest Americans.

The Times says, "Barack Obama has lived one version of the American Dream that has taken him to the steps of the White House. But a few miles from where the Democratic presidential candidate studied at Harvard, his Kenyan aunt and uncle, immigrants living in modest circumstances in Boston, have a contrasting American story".

Well, well, well. What do you know about that?

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