Friday, October 31, 2008

Why Ignorant People Should Not Vote!!

This is from the "Howard Stern Show". Sal went to Harlem and asked random people, if they supported Obama, but get this, he attributed McCain's views to Obama and the interviewees, still said they support Obama. If it wasn't so tragic it could be funny. They don't even know what Obama stands for!! It would appear that he is getting the African American vote simply on the basis of his race.

This is a perfect example of why ignorant people should not vote and why when it's all said and done, the election will be decided by the electoral college. Our founding fathers thought things through.

During these random interviews, Sal took McCain's policies and pretended they were Obama's and this is what they had to say.......listen to the audio:
Why some Harlem residents are voting for Obama


Lazaro Gonzalez said...

Off of topic. I found your blog following some links and it's great. We are in the same side. Regards.

Matthew C. Keegan said...

I heard this tape when it first aired. Somewhat funny, but profoundly sad and indicative of the mesmerizing appeal of a wholly morally bankrupt candidate.

Please tell me that this is all a dream, a surreal fantasy that will quickly disappear on November 5th.

~Zury~ said...

I really wish I could....