Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gays Should Have Equal Rights Too!

For as far as America has come; in the fight for equal rights, it has not come far enough. I have never understood homophobia. In Cuba, my country of birth, being gay was a crime against the state, with a penal code number, attached to it. From 1960 to 1979, homosexuals, were victimized and imprisoned by the Castro Regime. One tragic example was the brilliant author, Reinaldo Arenas, who spent decades under constant repression years in prison, because of who he was.

This last week, Proposition 8 passed, to the dismay of so many gay couples that wanted to have the right to marry whomever they wanted. Who are we to decide who should marry whom. It wasn't to long ago, that Mexicans and African-Americans weren't allowed to marry whites.

Supporters of Prop 8, poured millions of dollars to spread their message. Churches of course were the main contributors. How extremely disturbing, but expected, that churches would give millions of dollars, not to the poor, not to refugee's around the world, but to a hate campaign.

Supporters of gay rights filed three lawsuits Wednesday asking the California Supreme Court to overturn Proposition 8. They argue that the measure is an illegal revision of the constitution and it fundamentally alters the guarantee of equal protection.

I fail to see what gays having the right to marry, have to do with restoring traditional marriage. This effort, is nothing more then fear and the stigma of homosexuality


Michael Ejercito said...

People vs. Frierson

Biased Girl said...

I am not even remotely homophobic, yet I oppose Gay Marriage. Why? Well, first of all I am 100% supportive of Civil Unions, gay couples should have exactly the same rights to inheritance, health insurance and anything else that is legally available to hetero sexual couples. Having said that all of the above can be resolved with a quick trip to a lawyers office. The real issue is the "Marriage" part. Marriage is a religious ceremony, performed by a clergy of that faith. All major faiths view homosexuality as a sin. If Gay Marriage was made law, the ink would not be dry on the paper before someone filed a lawsuit against the first Church that refused to marry a Gay Couple. It's just the way it is. This is a Separation of Church and State issue, not a Civil Rights issue.

That is why I am against Gay Marriage, but I appreciate your view and the opportunity to share mine.