Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Wins the U.S. Presidency

History has been made tonight. From now on, every little boy and girl, no matter what the color of their skin will know, he/she can be anything they want to be, even president of the United States of America.

As I saw Rev. Jessie Jackson and the tears ran down his face, I felt that I knew what this means to African Americans. America is even better that I thought and for that I'm deeply touched. In spite of our differences, American looked passed the color of Barack Obama's skin and made him the first African American president.

I can't help but feel that this is historic and I can see in the faces in the crowd both black and white how important this day is to our country. Perhaps in some small way the pain of racism and the ghosts of slavery can find peace at last.

The seed of the Old Confederacy and the once Party of Slavery and the KKK, the Party who stood in the way of the Civil Rights movement and Dr. King, today elects a black man as president.

I can't say that I'm happy, I wanted McCain to win of Course, because I don't agree with Obama's policies and I can't shake this uneasy feeling, I really hope I was wrong............

Then there is Senator John McCain, the patriot and the man I voted for. He should have won! For your service, dedication, and sacrifice to this great country, I thank you with all my heart.

John McCain, Senator and Patriot, Concession Speech

Barack Hussein Obama, President Elect, Acceptance Speech


Freedom's Cost said...

Zurama, you said exactly what I was about to say. I've read some of posts, you write well and from the heart. Keep it up!

Chicago Ray said...

Very nice and much more diplomatic than I was able to post about this choice of half our country, or 51% I mean.

Saddest thing in all this is that half chose this nobody over a dedicated war veteran and POW, lifetime servant to America over that American Idol candidate.

This country will now get what it chose and now deserves for that poor at the moment choice.

jmeden said...

I keep hoping someone will pinch me and wake me up to find that I'm only dreaming and having a bad nightmare. It's not that I couldn't be proud of having a new black President, and not that I couldn't look forward to change, but neither are the case here. Obama is absolutely not the right man for the job. Dear God, I pray that Obama's heart will be softened and he will repent of his sinful ways and his eyes will be opened to the truths of your Word. Only then could I possibly trust him as the right leader for America.