Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama Wants to Form a Civilian Security Force of One Million Men and Women

This is a video from Howardview on Youtube and he says, Wake Up America: One candidate wants to form an Internal Security Force of one million men and women, at a cost of $500 billion. These are outside of the Armed Forces, and their loyalty is owed to one person, the President. This is similar to all national take-overs by socialists, to have an army solely loyal to the leader.

It happened in Russia, in Cuba, and other communist countries. Barack Hussein Obama is the candidate asking for his own Internal Security Forces. Behind him is Bill Ayers, the architect of this socialist take-over of this country.

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John Kubicek said...

Zurama, I just wanted to let you know that I added this story to my blog -

I am just finishing reading "The Christmas Sweater" by Glenn Beck. The statement you made in your blog profile, "God gave me a gift and in my darkest hour, it saved my life," goes right along with the theme of Glenn's book!

I also added you as a friend at - "johnny2k"

Take care, and God bless you!