Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cubas Healthcare a Model for the Rest of the World?

Cuban Independent Photojournalist Luis Alberto Pacheco Mendoza, took these four disturbing photos, in a Cuban Hospital, giving us a glimpse into the state of Cuba's health care system. This is what Michael Moore didn't show you.

The following short video shows these pictures and others taken by undercover photographers. I take no credit for these photos. I'm just helping give a voice to those who have no voice.


Muchacho Enfermo said...

I hate seeing these pictures... even if I know it happens I always feel like I need a drink after these reminders.

2 years ago a Canadian friend I was traveling with became ill in Cuba and we went to a tourist clinic, it was modern, clean and an all around first calls establishment. I was immediately sold on the Cuban health care system.

Then last year a Cuban friend said his son was in the hospital being treated for cancer, when I went to visit him, I expected to find the same quality of care my Canadian friend had received, but very sadly this was not the case. The conditions very much resembled the ones seen in these pictures.

It broke my heart and it still does every time I think about it. Universal health care works if done right. It works in Canada (where I live) but apparently not in Cuba.

~Zurama~ said...

It's just horrible. Cuba's health care is a fraud!

rob. fraser said...

@Muchacho Enfermo

I do agree with you that there is hugely varying standards present in the Cuban medical system, and the Canadian healthcare system does have high standards. The part that I do not completely agree with you on is that our (Canada's) healthcare system ideal. I think both the Cuban and the Canadian systems have some parts that work, but other that could use some substantial improvements. Working in healthcare, my only worry is that Canadians will not have the courage to stay the course and fix our universal healthcare model. Privatization is a dangerous solution for the problems that are you are discusted with, so we need to recognize that while the Cuban system may have low quality, they are trying to provide some coverage for ALL people.

The privatized model is just a lot more honest when it comes meeting the populations needs. Anyone can receive the highest quality of medical care in the US, if and only if they can afford it.