Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chavista Fascist Repression on the Rise

This is how it starts. Right after Castro took over, people were encouraged to go and beat up demonstrators. It was common to hear a communist say to another citizen, "I could shoot you right now and nothing would happen. Houses belonging to the dissidents would get egged and people would get beaten by their own neighbors-if you don't believe me, go look on youtube.

A school would be encouraged to beat up another school, as was the case with father school, the Instituto Politectecnico de Maraianao, who's principal Prophesor Lipiz (a communist refugee from Spain's civil war) had the students build giant sticks thats looked like pencils, and ordered them to go used them on the students at Belen (a private school that the Castro brothers attended at one point). He had them work on these things for a week, even had them paint them to look like pencils. My father refused of course, which explains why we eventually ended up leaving the country.

This is happening in Venezuela, while Chavez tryes to stay in power at any cost. I'm so proud of them for standing up to this delutional nut case.

This article is from: Venezuela News and Views

While democracy was taking a welcome boost in the Washington Mall, in Caracas it suffered yet another set back as we saw clearly how the repressive apparatus of the state is geared exclusively toward people that we disagree with Chavez. Criminals and people who support Chavez can exert any violent action they want as long as Chavez interests remain unperturbed. Thus today while crime keeps it rampage in Venezuela with death rates worthy of Iraq or Gaza, the government sent a disproportionate display of force to repress students marches. Elsewhere as the red shirts of Lina Ron attacked the Atheneum of Caracas (one of their many attacks this week) the police stood by (as it has been doing through all recent attacks).

And what does Chavez do today? He calls for the "bolivarian" students to march in turn, to fill up the streets and to teach the dissident students a lesson. This, three days after he told the repressive forces of his regime to use their strongest tear gas against student protests. That is right, the president of the Republic, the president of all Venezuelans is actively encouraging a group of Venezuelans to go an beat up another group of Venezuelans. For this he will be one day judged and condemned.....................
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Anonymous said...

desfortunadamente el camino hacia la libertad no siempre se recorre sin sangre

un beso

Muchacho Enfermo said...

Chavez is a tool.
He's a little man that is afraid to face the very people he's supposed to represent and care about.

Have you seen the movie on this I recommended to you yet?

At then end there's a girl in her 20s... She says something along the lines of: "We used to like Chavez because he said he wanted to give this country back to its young people, that we were the future of Venezuela... Now he wants to stay in power forever and damn the youth? Now we have no hope"

It's very à propos considering the things going on there now....
Thanks for posting thins!

~Zurama~ said...

Amor, Venezuela no necesitaba a Chavez, pero ahora tienen que luchar y librarse de el, para asegurar un futuro de paz y prosperidad.

Muchacho, he may well be an afraid little man, but he has people doing his dirty work. This exactly what happened in Cuba. Mothers turning in their kids, brothers on different sides.

Young people stilling guns from their Fidelista parents, in other to do their part to fight the upcoming communist regime, only to end up dead or in jail for decades.

The civilian police issue is scary, because then who can you trust?

Muchacho Enfermo said...

I know what you're saying... I can't even imagine what it's like to live in a place where vigilantism is tolerated much less encouraged by the state.