Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Boring Home", a Book not Welcomed at Havana's Book Fair is Published on the Internet!

The book titled "Boring Home", by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, was not allowed at this years Havana's Book fair.

As reported by Octavo Cerco and Genreration Y, in a gesture of defiance, it's author and his friends, among them Yoani Sanchez and her Husband Reinaldo, dedicated the book anyway. Yesterday February 16, 2009 in front of "La Cabaña", the site of hundreds of deaths by order of Che Guevara - the man known to freedom loving Cuban as "The Butcher".

The book which I'm still reading takes you into a world much like today's Cuba, a sort of Cubaland. It's obvious why it was censored and in spite of it's metaphor, as a read it's brutally honest words I am transported into a world much like Cuba.

The author dedicated the book to his mother who suffered the cruel treatment of Castro's secret police. He received threatening phone calls, warning him of physical harm if he attended the Book fair. The book is not yet translated into English, but this is nothing google translator can't fix, if you really want to read it.

The book has been published on the internet. To view "Boring Home", click here: While word of this book is all over the internet, no one knows what the other books are about. Perhaps being banned from the fair, was the best thing to happen to this brave author.

On Orlando's blog, "Lunes de Post-Revolución" he writes on Sunday, February 15, 2009:

While foreign poets read mapundungún(no translation-Cuban slang), in an air conditioned hall, under Cuba's almost summer like sun, I a local narrator, can not taste my own prose outside the colonial bastion. For me, it speaks for itself.


Walter Lippmann said...

Thousands and thousands of people atttended this Havana Book Fair, including myself. A few stood outside near the parking lot, hoping to have some kind of confrontation with the local authorites.

But nothing happened.

Meanwhile, thousands and thousands went in, paid the equivalent of eight U.S. pennies to enter, and were able to buy a nearly endless supply of classic works of Cuban and world literature, for as little as one Cuban peso (moneda nacional, the equivalent of four U.S. pennies) for the smallest title.

The writers weren't repressed, they were ignored.

Walter Lippmann
Havana, Cuba
(when not in Los Angeles, California)


~Zurama~ said...

I don't know anything about the books at the fair, but "Boring Home" is awesome!