Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pro Cuba-Democracy Rally in New York City

On March 1st freedom loving people will march in front of the Cuban United Nations office in New York City, for democracy for Cuba and for Freedom and human rights for all Cubans. This rally is organized by the President of the Cuba Archive Alexis Romay.

For those who are not able to attend the march, You can leave your signature here and it will be taken to the demonstration. It will be a symbolic presence.


Biased Girl said...

hey Z! I'll pass this information along where I can..


~Zurama~ said...

Thank you Biased Girl and if you have a chance, sign your name and you will be there symbolically.

Belsis said...

Fellow Cubans:

I need your help with a Cuban Human Rights project.

My Dream Assignment is to photograph and tell the stories of the countless Cuban Political Prisoners, who served time in Cuban prisons under the most extreme conditions.

Deadline is April 3rd! Forward to anyone you know and help spread the word. Thanks!!!