Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Returning U.S. Veterans??

The department of Homeland Security warns of possible right-wing extremism. A choppy report with nothing of substance to back it up, is targeting returning U.S. Veterans.

It states that right -wing extremists are mainly anti-government and that the return of a few unhappy war veterans, could swell the ranks of white power militias and people like Timothy McVeigh (the Oklahoma bomber) are mentioned.

What an utter insult to site McVeigh as a representative of what a U.S. Veteran is like!!

The sketchy report states that returning Vets have skills appealing to extremists and notes high volume of WPN stockpiling by extremists.

John Sommer, Executive Director of The American Legion, said today on Fox News, that the AL, who has worked tirelessly to erase the stereotypes of the Vietnam veterans era is not happy. They have requested a meeting with head of the DHS, Janet Napolitano, but have not heard back from the agency.

The DHS will work with State and local agencies to gather intelligence information on our war veterans.

The man and women who fought for our country, watched their friends die in battle and will carry the permanent scars of war, are now considered a national security threat.

Am I the only one who sees a political bias in this report?'

Is this the CHANGE we can believe in?


Veronica Lodge said...

very bizzaar

~Zurama~ said...

It sure is. How disgraceful!