Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chavez Wants to be Dictator for Life

In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez is very methodically consolidating power to set himself up as dictator for life.

On Fox News this morning one of my favorite reporters, Steve Harrigan, reports from Caracas, Venezuela, that in Maracaibo, the Mayor has gone into hiding and has not been seen for the past two weeks. He is charges with corruption and Chavez has bowed to through him in jail before he has a trial, so he is hiding out. He sneaks into his office once in a while and signs decrees. He leaves behind a wife and 10 kids. He has many supporters are depicted in this photograph.

In Caracas, the Mayor is not allowed to go into his own office. For the past three months an angry mob supported by Chavez' government has kept him out.

What does all these means?

It means that Chavez is eliminating the opposition just like Fidel Castro did throughout the fifty years his regime has been in power.

Venezuelans are loosing the battle against communism, much like the Cubans have and as a survivor of this brutal ideology my heart aches for their country. May God be with them, because the worse is yet to come......

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