Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nude for Cuba's Freedom

The impressive image of Cuban Cesar Alexander Goza Rivera, have been seen around the world. Gagged, bounded and wearing nothing but a small Cuban flag. Cesar is a member of Cuba Democracia Ya. He stood in front of European Union Headquarters, where the group displayed a large banner demanding democracy for the Island.

Among the assistants were ex political prisoner Omar Pernet Hernandez, whom the Spanish government has withdrawn all economic aid, in spite of his deteriorating health.

Cesar's action was in response to the exclusion by the Spanish government of Cuban exiles, from a meeting with representatives from the Castro Dictatorship.

Cuba Democracia Ya, explains that, "by this method we have protested before the European Union in Madrid, for being ignored by the current Spanish administration. As dissidents, lovers of freedom and Democracy for Cuba. They ignore us, we denounce"

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