Saturday, February 20, 2010

Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Cuban Political Prisoner is Sufering from Pneumonia

From the blog Uncommon Sense.

Reina Luisa Tamayo today told Radio Martí that her son, the political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo, is suffering from pneumonia, but that she doesn't know his exact condition because the authorities will not let her see him.

Doctors told Tamayo that her son, who is suffering the effects of a hunger strike he started Dec. 3, is too sick to receive visitors. He was transferred this week from a hospital in Camagüey to the medical unit at the Combinado del Este prison in Havana.

Tamayo, who has been her son's most forceful advocate, thought she might be able to see him today.

"I felt really bad, because it was my hope to see my son, and it wasn't possible," she said.

Meanwhile, more Cubans are uniting on behalf of Zapata.

(H/T Punt de Vista)

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victor said...

que descanse en pas y lo siento mucho por esa familia que lo recuerda siempre