Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fariñas States, that if he Dies, Felix Bonne Carcasses, Will Replace Him!

The independent journalist Guillermo Fariñas has maintained a hunger and thirst strike for 14 consecutive days, stated during a telephone interview during the Oscar Haza program "A Mano Limpia", that if he dies, his replacement on hunger strike will be, engineer Felix Bonne Carcasses.

"If Coco Fariñas dies I will replace him on hunger strike until the very end.

Fariñas demands the immediate release of 26 political prisoners who are very sick.


1.-Pedro Argüelles Morán Pedro (59 years) generalized osteoarthritis, total cataract in his right eye and almost total left condromalasia grade 3 osteoarthritis and synovitis in both knees, liver enlargement, circulatory disorders in both legs, prostatic hyperplasia and pulmonary emphysema. (20-year sentence)

2 .- Arroyo (55 years) Hypertension, left cardiomegaly, pulmonary emphysema, chronic otitis, pharyngitis, chronic gastritis and allergy to humidity. (26-year sentence)

3 .- Alexis Borges Silva (33 years) Hypertension, visual impairment and polyneuropathy. (3 year sentence)

4 .- Randy Cabrera Mayor (36 years) stomach ulcer. (16-year sentence)

5 .- Carlos Luis Díaz Fernández (39 years) severe diabetes and severe chest pains, which have not been addressed. Considerable weight loss and advanced. (17 years and six months of conviction)

6 .- Eduardo Díaz Fleitas (55): decompensated hypertension, arthritis, pyloric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, hiatal hernia, chronic gastritis, circulatory disorders, allergies and recurrent syncope (17-year sentence)

7 .- Ricardo Diaz Osvaldo Sanchez. Insomnia, hypertension, obstruction in the optic nerve, polyneuropathy and permanent strees. (5 year sentence)

8 .- Fernandez Sainz (58 years) hypertension, prostatic hypertrophy, grade I, eye disorders, hiatal hernia, pulmonary emphysema, cysts and kidney disorders, chronic conjunctivitis and severe weight loss. (15-year sentence)

9 .- Miguel Galván Gutiérrez (42) Hepatomegaly, digestive disorders. It is physically handicapped arm. (26-year sentence)

10 .- Jose Luis García Paneque (41 years) Poor intestinal absorption, hypertension, acute psychiatric disorders, renal colic, allergies and parasites. (24-year sentence)

11 .- Ricardo González Alfonso (57 years) Hypertension, heart murmur, congenital allergy to humidity and recent removal of the gallbladder. (20-year sentence)

12 .- Lester Gonzalez Penton (30 years) Hypertension, heart murmur, sinusitis, headaches, chronic gastritis, allergies, intestinal malabsorption, cervical disorders, hemorrhoids and psychiatric disorders. (20-year sentence)

13 .- Jorge Luis González Tanquero (37 years) Hypertension, cervical disease, chronic tonsillitis, high cholesterol, otitis media, fatty liver, bronchial asthma and psychiatric disorders. (20-year sentence)

14 .- Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta (40 years) Hypertension, vitiligo, grade II retinopathy, osteoarthritis, peri adema vesicular disease. (20-year sentence)

15 .- Librado Linares García (46 years) Severe vision loss, postoperative sequelae by pyloric syndrome, Dupping syndrome, intestinal malabsorption, pulmonary emphysema, synovitis in the leg and gastritis. (20-year sentence)

16 .- Luis Milán Fernández (37 years) Hypertension, hepatomegaly, tumor in the humerus bone, pulmonary emphysema and nasal and ocular allergy. (13-year sentence)

17 .- Nelson Molinet Espino (42 years) severe hypertension, angina pain, high cholesterol and chronic tonsillitis. (20-year sentence)

18 .- Juan Angel Moya Acosta (42) Operated by affection of the spine, hemorrhoids and digestive trstornos. (20-year sentence)

19 .- Pablo Pacheco Ávila (37 years) operated a half patellar plica of the right knee and sinuvitis chronic renal ptosis by lack of body weight. (20-year sentence)
20 .- Arturo Pérez de Alejo Rodríguez (56 years) stomach ulcer, headache, renal cyst, spina bifida, scoliosis, cardiovascular disorders, prostatic hyperplasia, partial hearing loss and the sequel of fracture at the base of the skull. (20-year sentence)

21 .- Fabio Prieto Llorente (44 years) Hypertension, pulmonary emphysema, hemorrhoids, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (20-year sentence)

22 .- Alfredo Pulido López (45 years) acute bronchial disease, headache and neck pain, unstable blood pressure, psychiatric disorders, hypoglycemia, gastrointestinal disorders, visual and dental and congenital liver failure. (14-year sentence)

23 .- Arnaldo Ramos Lauzerique (65) advanced hypertension. (18-year sentence)

24 .- Cecilio Sanchez Reinoso (64) arteriosclerosis, glaucoma, suspicion of prostate cancer.(16-year sentence)

25 .- Omar Moisés Ruiz Hernández (59 years) angina, disturbances in blood pressure, high triglycerides, a condition in the retina, spina bifida and digestive disorders. (18-year sentence)

26 .- Guido Sigler Amaya (53 years) prostate disorders, digestive disorders, duodenal ulcer, renal cysts, parasites and acute weight loss. (20-year sentence)

27 .- Antonio Augusto Villareal Acosta (56 years) Hypertension, headache, Retensioning fluid in the legs and nervous disorders. (15-year sentence)

Sources-Cuba Inglesa

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