Monday, March 8, 2010

"Raul Castro Gave Relevant Orders to Let me Die"

Guillermo Farinas, Cuban dissident on hunger and thirst strike, said last Friday, that Raúl Castro gave the order to let him die. "I received information last night that Raúl Castro had given the relevant orders to let me die."

Fariñas had been admitted to a hospital in Havana, having lost consciousness. He returned home after receiving nutrition intravenously.

The Spanish government and Carlos Perez, the head of Political Affairs of the Spanish Embassy in Cuba have asked Fariñas to stop the hunger and thirst strike.

The freelance journalist plans to send another letter to Dictator Raul Castro in which he will thank him for the, "honor of letting him die."

Radio Marti Noticias informs that Fariñas has asked dissidents to maintain unity of action and he said that he will remain on hunger strike, inspired by the example set by Orlando Zapapa Tamayo.

The following photo was published today on the blog Fotos desde Cuba(Photos from Cuba).......

The Ladies in White" visit him in Villa Clara, Cuba.

(incluye audio): Radio Martí)

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