Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Tribute to Laura Pollan, a Patriot of Cuba!

I should have posted here when I received the knews of Laura Pollan death, but I felt like the wind was just beat out of me. I know that things like this have been happening in Cuba since the Castro's came to power, but it never stops being shocking. Laura Pollan, president of "The Ladies in White", was one of the most important leaders that the dissidents had and now she is gone and though she lives in our hearts, this sad news is very difficult for us.
She marched for the freedom of Cuba among the blows and shoves of the State sponsored mobs, never bowing her head and even while being injured by the violence, she marched on. 
She and other dissidents had reported, being poked with needles by members of these mobs, so the possibility that she was poisoned or infected with a biological agent is very real. The Castro's are well documented on these methods of destroying the opposition in the style of the former Soviet Union!
She was able to accomplish what no one in 5 decades was able to acomplish. The Castro Regime feared her.
Her leadership and her fearless confrontations with the Castro mobs, made us all proud and now she is gone, but not forgotten. Bertha Soler, will now take her place.
Soler said.....___"This is a day of mourning for the Ladies in White and for the opposition in Cuba," as reported by the  Associated Press.
The Ladies in White's message to the government is that they will continue protesting!
Laura Pollan legacy will live on and her name will be published in Cuba's history books. This history is being written as we speak by the Cuban resistance. God be with them!

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Ziva said...

Zurama, when I heard she was hospitalized, I had a very bad feeling. I believe they murdered her, and like you it took me a couple of days to recover from the news. I'm sad to say that I agree, even though we know what they are capable of, the reality of losing her is a great shock. She paid the ultimate price for Cuba's freedom, and she will not be forgotten, as she won, and her legacy and that of the other heros and martyrs will be a free Cuba.